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Toxic substances

Safer products and less waste, recycling materials free of toxic substances and clean environment for Czechia and the planet – this is the vision we endorse. We promote clean production and industrial facilities with the best available technologies. We fight against water, soil and air pollution and encourage production that does not cause long-term harm to the health of local communities as well as entire human population. Toxic substances, especially those added to plastics, cause excessive pollution of our planet. We advocate for banning hazardous substances and replacing them with safer alternatives. Once toxic substances and materials become waste, there is no suitable solution to dispose of them safely.

Citizens Support Centre

For more than 20 years, we advocate for the right to open access to environmental information. We want individuals and entire communities to have the opportunity to take action based on this information and to participate in decision-making processes, whether it is about industrial operations and toxic spills into the environment, the construction of hydroelectric power plants, or the pollution of rivers, the cutting down of trees, international waste trade to developing countries causing immense environmental harm, or other environmental pollution that significantly affects the health and environment of communities living close by. We oppose the persecution of environmental activists and protect the public's right to a safe environment.

For living rivers

We protect rivers and river landscapes in our country and abroad. We have opposed the construction of the weirs on the River Elbe, and we have helped to push for the inclusion of the Elbe Valley in the list of European protected areas Natura 2000. We monitor and oppose to the construction of the Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal. For several years, we have been working to protect the last wild and unregulated rivers of Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are threatened by the construction of small hydropower plants. In Moldova, we are helping local people dependent on agriculture to restore and maintain healthy rivers.

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