River protection

riversBecause water knows no borders, we also help protect rivers and water resources in our partner countries as well as in the Czech Republic. We want to preserve their wild and natural character, and instead of building hydropower plants and dams or polluting them with industrial waste and chemicals, we believe we should keep them clean and beautiful for the benefit and pleasure of present and future generations.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have been working with local civic initiatives that oppose the massive construction of hydropower plants on Europe's last truly wild and natural rivers. And through the initiative Dam-Free Municipalities, we help municipalities return citizens the right to participate in decisions about these constructions.

We take care of water resources in Moldova, where we support our partners in fighting against flash floods and droughts and their consequences, we organize tree plantings, share practical tips and experiences with the Water Framework Directive and water resources management in general, and strive to bring Moldovan legislation closer to EU standards.

We also deal with issues of water pollution by industrial toxic substances and chemicals in Thailand and Armenia for example. We also conduct sampling missions and expert analyzes at these locations. 

The issue of water quality and condition of rivers is also reflected in our Small Grants Program, which allows local initiatives to implement their river protection projects at regional level.