Aarhus Convention

Arnika is a Czech non-governmental organization uniting people seeking better environment.

We believe that natural wealth is not only a gift, but also an obligation to save it for future. Arnika was established in 2001 and since its foundation has become one of the most important environmental organizations in the Czech Republic. We base our activities on three pillars: engaging public, professional arguments, and communication with media. Our activity would not be possible without hundreds of symphatizers and supporters, whose help assisted Arnika to become a strong and stable non-government organization. Arnika’s work consists of the following programmes:

  1. Citizens Support Centre – we support public in decision-making on the environment
  2. Nature Conservation – we protect biodiversity and value of water and watercourses
  3. Toxics and Waste – we reduce amount of toxic substances and waste

Since its establishment, Arnika focuses on international cooperation. We are members of the following organizations and networks:

Keeping good reputation of the organization and transparency in its income are crucial for Arnika. We are members of a Green Circle, Czech association of environmental NGOs, and we adhere to the Code of Ethics of the environmental organizations and to the Rules of Transparency of Non-government Organizations. During our activities, such as happenings, and others, we always act non-violently. We have our own rules for accepting financial donations, summarized in Fundraising Codex. We avoid to take money from companies polluting environment. Overview of Arnika’s activities and economic results including lists of all major sources of financing are available in Annual Reports.